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Painting the rock and light effect

I have started to paint the test piece I did for the Shelob diorama, just to get a feel for the colours of the rock.

The rock was dry brushed with seven colours:

  • Chardon granite
  • 1:1 mix of chardon granite and codex grey
  • Codex grey
  • 1:1 mix of codex grey and fortress grey
  • fortress grey
  • 1:1 mix of fortress grey and bleached bone
  • bleached bone

After that I applied several layers of diluted catchan green to the flat area to make it look like moss where growing on the rock. The moss was highlighted with green camo.

The dirt was painting with devlan mud, Graveyard earth and hightlighted with kommando khaki.

The light effect where painted with several layers of diluted paint. Click on the image for a larger version.

The following pallet was used to paint the lightning effect:

  • Enchanted blue
  • 1:1 mix of enchanted blue and ice blue
  • Ice blue
  • 1:1 mix of ice blue and space wolves grey
  • space wolves grey
  • 1:1 mix of space wolves grey and skull white
  • skull white