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Finished the first batch of tactical marines

I have finished the first batch of tactical marines the backbone of any space marine army. Click on the picture for a larger version.


I also received some new goodies in the mail today, got almost all marines needed for my final 1500 points army now.


10 x Space marine scouts

5 x Space marine sternguard veteran squad

5 x Space marine vanguard veteran squad

Tactical marine step by step

This tutorial start from after the base colouring and washing I did earlier in Paint and spray post.



1: Apply a highlight of mordian blue on the base coated marine. Make sure to leave some of the base coat in the crevasses and darker areas (left picture).

2: Apply a second highlight of ultramarines blue, during this step I tried to do some feathering (right picture). Using two brushes in the same hand, one with the  colour and the other one damped with little water and after applying the colour I switched brush and then smeared out the edges of the painted area to even out the transition.

3: Paint all details that are not suppose to be blue with chaos black in preparation for the next step.



1: Paint the whole lense with mechrite red.

2: Paint the  lower inner side of the lens with blood red.

3: Hightlight the bottom of the blood red area with blazing orange.

4: Paint a small skull white dot on the outer upper side of the lens

5: Paint a thin line around the edges of the lens with baal red. This will create a bit of contrast to the armour.

Gold details


1: Paint the shoulder frames and chest plate with shining gold (first picture).

2: Wash the gold details with devlan mud (second picture).

3: Highlight the gold with burnished gold (third picture)

4: Paint a touch of mithril silver over the out most part of the chest plate (fourth picture).

Purity seal and parchment

1: Paint the seal with mechrite red

2: Wash the seal with baal red

3: Highlight the raised areas with blood red

4: Highlight  the most raised areas with blazing orange

5: Paint the parchment with tausept ochre

6: Highlight the parchment with bleached bone

7: Wash the parchment with gyphonne sepia

8: Paint some thine line on the parchment with badab black

Metal details


1: Paint all the metal details with boltgun metal.

2: Wash the boltgun metal with badab black.

3: Highlight the raised metal areas with chainmail silver.

Black areas (Gun casing)

1: Highlight the raised black areas with adeptus battlegrey.

2: Hightlight the most raised areas of the adeptus battlegrey with fortress grey

If you need to even out some of the highlight I find it very effective to use the badab black wash to tone them down.

Armour step 2


1: Highlight the edges around the armour with a mix of ultramarines blue and skull white. This will give the character more contrast.

I didn’t measure this mix exactly but start with adding the ultramarines blue to a empty pot and then add white until you get a good light blue colour, then simply add water until it get the consistency of skimmed milk.

On my first tactical marine I used skull white for this step making it look a bit like a cartoon character. I have gone back and painted over the white with this mix.



1: Glue the backpack and the gun in place.

2: Secure the model firmly with pining it to the base and some plastic glue.

3: Done!!

Tactical squad bases

I have done the bases for the rest of my tactical marines. I am trying to make it look like an urban warfare zone, where fighting has gone on for generations, a lot of broken concrete and debris laying around.


The first step in creating the bases was to break apart a normal CD jewel case, I did this by cutting random lines in the case and then breaking them of by hand. I then used my trusty glue gun and pick two to three bigger pieces and glued them to the base.

I also added some brass wire on some of the bases to look like reinforcement beams.


Second step is to add some debris, I used the slate that I got from the 40k basing kit but any small rocks or sand will work. I glued them to the base with normal PVA glue.


Step three is to start painting, and to start painting you need to spray it with a black base coat.


Step four is to dry brush all the bases with adeptus battle grey, the concrete was painted normally with the same colour.


Step five is to dry brush a layer of codex grey to the bases. Make sure to cover the corners of the concrete.


Final step is dry brush the slate or sand with fortress grey, highlight the corners of the concrete. I also added some weathered numbering on two of the bases.


The only thing left now is to do some touch up on the base and then pin the marines to the base.

Ultramarines drop pod

I finished my drop pod. It took a lot more time to paint then I first had thought, but I am happy with the result.

The only different thing I would do if I paint another one, is that I will paint it before I assemble it.


I have added the Ultramarines logo and the number one decals on the tail wings, this to show that the drop pod belongs to my first tactical squad which will also get the number one painted on their right shoulder.


Wear and tear effect

The drop pod has a lot of flat areas and a great way to lift the model is to apply wear and tear to the hull, which is the choice many painters have done with their drop pods and this is how I did my wear and tear effects.


First step is to apply the base colour of the tears at some selected areas,  Around corners are a good choice and where the doors might hit the ground are also good places. I used adeptus battlegrey to paint the first layer of wear and tear.

The second step is to fill in the areas which have been painted with boltgun metal. Make sure not to fill in all of the area and let some of the grey still be visible.

The third step is to highlight and darken the tear effect, I did this by applying chainmail to the raised areas and a very thin line of badab black to the lower and right side of the tear.