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Land speeder

I have finished painting my Land speeder, all different weapons have been magnetised as shown in a previous post.

land_speeder_1Initially I thought this would be a pretty simple model to paint, but it was a monster to paint and it took a lot of time. Same techniques as for the drop pod and dreadnought was used to create wear and tear effect on the hull.

land_speeder_2Different setup with the missile launchers and heavy flamer.

land_speeder_baseI choose to ignore the transparent base and build a new one from a standard round base. The half barrel and metal pole was taken from the 40k battlefield accessories pack. The barb wire was made by twining two wires together.

Overall I am pretty happy with the result of the land speeder,  there are some things I would have done differently when painting the hull. but I am happy with the result.