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Space marine captain gamesday 08

I got this awesome space marine captain sent to me from Arbitrary over at Nerf the cat.

I have done the initial cleaning of the miniature and pinned the foot and the head.

The scene I will put him in is charging the battle field over some broken down concrete which has it’s reinforcementĀ  bars sticking out on the sides and threw the cracks.

I will also try to lift the miniature a few centimetres and have some of the underlying soil showing on the base.

The first step was to create the mould for the concrete and making the reinforcement bars.

The mould was created by using the casing for the miniature and cutting a 0.5 centimetre piece from a toilet roll. I used some PVC glue to fix the roll to the casing.

The bars was created by taking a normal piece of wood and nailing a lot of nails in a square with 0.5 centimetre spacing, then taking a piece of wire and going up and down, then left to right creating the pattern of the reinforcement bars. I then applied some glue where the wires meet.

Then I used plaster and fill it half the way, inserted the reinforcement bars and then filled it all the way up.

When it was dry I cleaned the piece from the roll and then started to create the cracks, My first thought was to use a hammer and I elevated both corners and then hit it in the centre. This created the initial crack from one side to another but with no real control.

So for the rest of the cracks I chose to use a normal wire cutter and cutting the cracks. Which worked a lot better and I had more control.

After some cutting and cleaning I ended up with the piece I wanted.

The concrete was then painted with Adeptus battlegrey and highlighted with Codex grey and Fortress grey.

The dirt was painted with Charadon granite and highlighted with Graveyard earth and Kommando khaki.

Next step will be to start painting the captain and I hope I will find time to do it during the week.