Tactical squad bases

I have done the bases for the rest of my tactical marines. I am trying to make it look like an urban warfare zone, where fighting has gone on for generations, a lot of broken concrete and debris laying around.


The first step in creating the bases was to break apart a normal CD jewel case, I did this by cutting random lines in the case and then breaking them of by hand. I then used my trusty glue gun and pick two to three bigger pieces and glued them to the base.

I also added some brass wire on some of the bases to look like reinforcement beams.


Second step is to add some debris, I used the slate that I got from the 40k basing kit but any small rocks or sand will work. I glued them to the base with normal PVA glue.


Step three is to start painting, and to start painting you need to spray it with a black base coat.


Step four is to dry brush all the bases with adeptus battle grey, the concrete was painted normally with the same colour.


Step five is to dry brush a layer of codex grey to the bases. Make sure to cover the corners of the concrete.


Final step is dry brush the slate or sand with fortress grey, highlight the corners of the concrete. I also added some weathered numbering on two of the bases.


The only thing left now is to do some touch up on the base and then pin the marines to the base.

    • Torvik
    • April 19th, 2009

    You know it is pretty amazing what you can do with a CD case.

    You make it look so easy ;-)

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