WIP Dreadnought

Decided to take a break from my tactical marines and started on my dreadnought. Been focusing on painting the armour using wet blending (or feathering techniques, don’t know which term is the correct) to even out the transition from the different shades of blue.


Weapons and feet’s have not been touch yet and was not put in place for the picture.

While painting it I imagine four light sources around him, which are located in the corners of an rectangle just above the model. All lightning and shadings are then painted after these light sources.

For the base the idea was to continue on the urban warfare theme and I wanted to create something that wasn’t just grey. So the general idea was to create a base with a crater where the under laying soil was showing. Still need to add some more debris to the base but so far I am happy with the result.

Depending on the outcome of this project I might enter this in the local GW painting competition here in Gothenburg.

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