In the clutches of shelob

I am now about to start my new project.  A diorama set in the lord of the rings universe.

The diorama will be “In the clutches of Shelob”, it will be the scene where Sam holds up the light before Shelob with Frodo wrapped in a cocoon in front of him.

What’s interested me in this projects is the lightning, I will paint the light bright and it will be shined on all three characters and the environment.

The miniatures also comes in a ready made box which is good, the only changes I have to make is to remove Sam’s left arm and model a new one where his arm is raised with the light.  This is something I have never done and are looking forward to try.

The environment will be inspired by the film and I will have Shelob placed on a higher position between two rock faces with a set of stair between.

Frodo will be placed on the bottom of the stairs wrapped in spider webs.

Sam will stand next to Frodo and have his armed raised towards Shelob holding the bright light.

I have received the shipment needed to start this projects which include Sculpting tools, green stuff and the actually miniatures. What’s missing now is to get a mount for the diorama and I was thinking about using a 10x10x10 cm wooden cube for base.

Overall I am excited about this projects and will continue to post about the progress.

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