WIP In the clutches of Shelob

Vacation started and I found some time to start the Shelob project. This is just the beginning of the projects and I have spent some time putting the miniatures together and building the base.

Instead of making mould from normal stones and casting the cliffs with plaster I choose to work with cork, which is an easy material to work with and gives a good stone texture.

Shelob has been pinned to the base on the second legs from the back. You don’t have a lot of room to drill the 1 mm hole in the leg and you can’t go to deep, but it should hold the miniature firmly to the base.

I tried to make the effect that the rocks are coming out of the plinth, as seen on the bottom of the picture.  When done the plinth will be painted black.

The miniatures are only dry fitted to the base and the next step is to give Sam a new raised arm.

I have started with the new arm by first making a mould with green stuff of Sam’s current arm and then made a new arm with it. Still some work to do with removing the arm from the miniature and fitting the new arm.

Overall I am happy with the progress I have made and hope to finish this project by the end of my vacation.

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