Yet another drop pod update

I haven’t painted that much this week, but I have had time to do the base colour on one of the five sections.

This is my first time painting large flat surfaces and that proved to be more difficult then it sounds, getting a even and smooth surface is really hard.

What I did for the hull was to water  down the colour and then applying several layers. I have now applied two layers to the hull, but it will still need another and will then hopefully get a clean and smooth surface.

The hull was painted with 1:1 mix of water and mordian blue.

Industrial lines was made with the black under coat and the yellow stripes with iyanden darksun.

Metal was painted with boltgun metal as usual.

The next step is to add another layer of mordian blue and then add highlighting to the painted section to get a feel for the what it will look like.


  1. That was nice. Thank you for sharing this one.

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