Purchased some goodies

Got the assault on black reach box in the mail today, this will provide a good start for my ultramarines army.

I also bought the 40k basing kit and GaleForce nine concrete pieces.


This will keep me busy painting for months…

Drop Pod

I bought my first piece for my ultramarine  army, this drop pod came in a 89 piece set and took forever to assemble.

I have sprayed it with a chaos black base coat and started painting the interior, which proved to be a time consuming task since I assembled it before painting.

drop_pod_1Here is a picture of the pod with it’s doors closed, when it’s finished it will be painted with ultramarine blue.

You can also see the ultramarine tags on the side of the doors.

I will try to add some scratch marking on the hull and some scorches on the bottom to simulate the atmosphere entry. But first I need to finish the interior of the drop pod.

The next picture is a close up on the interior of the drop pod and where I started to actually paint.


I spent a lot of time getting the metal color to look like metal. What I did was painting the gun mount with bolt gun metal. Then I applied four layers of badas black wash, this darkened the metal and left it looking more natural.

I high lighted the gun mount with a single layer of bolt gun metal.

The gun casing was painted black and high lighted with space wolf grey and fortress grey. I also used a few layers of the badas black wash to darken some of the high lighting.

The navigation globe is painted to look like it have one screen for each compartment. I will add some lines on the screens to simulate text in the next phase.

The globe was painted with a base coat of dark angle green and high lighted with goblin and snot green. A layer of thraka green wash was added to darken some of the screen.

A lot of work still remains and I hope it will be finished by the end of march.