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Paint and spray

I bought a new toy, a spray gun and decided to try it on my tactical squad from the assault on black reach set.

I am very impressed by how simple it was and a very good time saver, I wish I had this when I started the drop pod.

Now to start with the tactical squad I started to spray them with a standard chaos black as I normally do with my painting.


I then applied a single coat of mordian blue mixed with water with the spray gun, it was a bit messy at start but when I got a hang of the spray gun it went a lot smoother.


The second layer I applied with the spray gun was a asurmen blue wash. This wash sinks nicely into the crevasse and created a bit of contrast.


Next is a close up on the picture above, where you can see how the wash really gets into crevasses and corners.


This method of painting is a bit more expensive, since you need to buy propellent for the gun and you waste a bit more of paint but it is all worth it.

Next step is to apply a new layer of mordian blue to the raised areas and lighten the characters.

Then do two layers of highlighting, first one with ultramarines blue and then a layer of ice blue and ultramarines blue mix.

After that I need to fix all the details that now is blue to get correct colour but that is another post.

Purchased some goodies

Got the assault on black reach box in the mail today, this will provide a good start for my ultramarines army.

I also bought the 40k basing kit and GaleForce nine concrete pieces.


This will keep me busy painting for months…