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Assault on black reach dreadnought

Finished my dreadnought for the Ultramarines army. This is my first miniature which I painted where I imagined several light sources shining on the miniature. The light sources where positioned on the four corner of the miniature and all shadows and highlights where painted according to them.

Will try to paint using coloured light on a later project. Which will bring out the effect of multiple lighting more then what it did here.


I used the same weathering and battle scaring as the drop pod since the dreadnought had a lot of blank surfaces that needed to get some details. I also a few bullet holes on the left shoulder.


WIP dreadnought and base

I have almost completed the base for my dreadnought, only a few minor detailing still left.


The general idea of the base was to create a crater that had a deeper depth then the rest of the base. This was done by cutting out a circular piece of 5mm plastic card, carving out the crater. I then used green stuff to shape the edges of the crater. Normal sand was then glued to soil parts of the base to give it more texture.

Some random shapes plastic cards was glued onto the outer slopes of the crater to give a feeling of destruction.


The metal beam still needs some work to fit in with the rest of the base better. The dirt was painted with charadon granite then highlighted with graveyard earth and kommando khaki.


The dreadnought have gotten all the blue armour painted and I have start to add the details. On the parchment on the left leg I have written “ULTRA” short for ultramarines and on the centre piece I carefully wrote his name “PRIMUS” which is a dreadnought from the 2nd company.

When all the details and metal are complete I will add a layer of wear and tear similar to the techniques used on the drop pod.

I estimate that I will have this model finnished in a week or two.

WIP Dreadnought

Decided to take a break from my tactical marines and started on my dreadnought. Been focusing on painting the armour using wet blending (or feathering techniques, don’t know which term is the correct) to even out the transition from the different shades of blue.


Weapons and feet’s have not been touch yet and was not put in place for the picture.

While painting it I imagine four light sources around him, which are located in the corners of an rectangle just above the model. All lightning and shadings are then painted after these light sources.

For the base the idea was to continue on the urban warfare theme and I wanted to create something that wasn’t just grey. So the general idea was to create a base with a crater where the under laying soil was showing. Still need to add some more debris to the base but so far I am happy with the result.

Depending on the outcome of this project I might enter this in the local GW painting competition here in Gothenburg.