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Painting the rock and light effect

I have started to paint the test piece I did for the Shelob diorama, just to get a feel for the colours of the rock.

The rock was dry brushed with seven colours:

  • Chardon granite
  • 1:1 mix of chardon granite and codex grey
  • Codex grey
  • 1:1 mix of codex grey and fortress grey
  • fortress grey
  • 1:1 mix of fortress grey and bleached bone
  • bleached bone

After that I applied several layers of diluted catchan green to the flat area to make it look like moss where growing on the rock. The moss was highlighted with green camo.

The dirt was painting with devlan mud, Graveyard earth and hightlighted with kommando khaki.

The light effect where painted with several layers of diluted paint. Click on the image for a larger version.

The following pallet was used to paint the lightning effect:

  • Enchanted blue
  • 1:1 mix of enchanted blue and ice blue
  • Ice blue
  • 1:1 mix of ice blue and space wolves grey
  • space wolves grey
  • 1:1 mix of space wolves grey and skull white
  • skull white

Another update of the Shelob diorama

Today it was time to bring out the power tools.

Remember when working with power tools, always use safety goggles.

I have stripped the arm of Sam’s miniature and replaced it with the one I made earlier. I also had to make some fixes to the bag since I was a bit careless with the Dremel.

I have also primed the diorama and I choose to use the both black and white for this. First I primed it black and then white in an angle from above to represent the omni light. Also used the white on the areas the light of Elendil will hit.

This will help  a lot when I start to paint the lightning, it also makes the details show much clearer.

Next step is to paint the test piece I did to get the colours right.

WIP In the clutches of Shelob

Vacation started and I found some time to start the Shelob project. This is just the beginning of the projects and I have spent some time putting the miniatures together and building the base.

Instead of making mould from normal stones and casting the cliffs with plaster I choose to work with cork, which is an easy material to work with and gives a good stone texture.

Shelob has been pinned to the base on the second legs from the back. You don’t have a lot of room to drill the 1 mm hole in the leg and you can’t go to deep, but it should hold the miniature firmly to the base.

I tried to make the effect that the rocks are coming out of the plinth, as seen on the bottom of the picture.  When done the plinth will be painted black.

The miniatures are only dry fitted to the base and the next step is to give Sam a new raised arm.

I have started with the new arm by first making a mould with green stuff of Sam’s current arm and then made a new arm with it. Still some work to do with removing the arm from the miniature and fitting the new arm.

Overall I am happy with the progress I have made and hope to finish this project by the end of my vacation.

In the clutches of shelob

I am now about to start my new project.  A diorama set in the lord of the rings universe.

The diorama will be “In the clutches of Shelob”, it will be the scene where Sam holds up the light before Shelob with Frodo wrapped in a cocoon in front of him.

What’s interested me in this projects is the lightning, I will paint the light bright and it will be shined on all three characters and the environment.

The miniatures also comes in a ready made box which is good, the only changes I have to make is to remove Sam’s left arm and model a new one where his arm is raised with the light.  This is something I have never done and are looking forward to try.

The environment will be inspired by the film and I will have Shelob placed on a higher position between two rock faces with a set of stair between.

Frodo will be placed on the bottom of the stairs wrapped in spider webs.

Sam will stand next to Frodo and have his armed raised towards Shelob holding the bright light.

I have received the shipment needed to start this projects which include Sculpting tools, green stuff and the actually miniatures. What’s missing now is to get a mount for the diorama and I was thinking about using a 10x10x10 cm wooden cube for base.

Overall I am excited about this projects and will continue to post about the progress.

Space marine captain gamesday 08

I got this awesome space marine captain sent to me from Arbitrary over at Nerf the cat.

I have done the initial cleaning of the miniature and pinned the foot and the head.

The scene I will put him in is charging the battle field over some broken down concrete which has it’s reinforcement  bars sticking out on the sides and threw the cracks.

I will also try to lift the miniature a few centimetres and have some of the underlying soil showing on the base.

The first step was to create the mould for the concrete and making the reinforcement bars.

The mould was created by using the casing for the miniature and cutting a 0.5 centimetre piece from a toilet roll. I used some PVC glue to fix the roll to the casing.

The bars was created by taking a normal piece of wood and nailing a lot of nails in a square with 0.5 centimetre spacing, then taking a piece of wire and going up and down, then left to right creating the pattern of the reinforcement bars. I then applied some glue where the wires meet.

Then I used plaster and fill it half the way, inserted the reinforcement bars and then filled it all the way up.

When it was dry I cleaned the piece from the roll and then started to create the cracks, My first thought was to use a hammer and I elevated both corners and then hit it in the centre. This created the initial crack from one side to another but with no real control.

So for the rest of the cracks I chose to use a normal wire cutter and cutting the cracks. Which worked a lot better and I had more control.

After some cutting and cleaning I ended up with the piece I wanted.

The concrete was then painted with Adeptus battlegrey and highlighted with Codex grey and Fortress grey.

The dirt was painted with Charadon granite and highlighted with Graveyard earth and Kommando khaki.

Next step will be to start painting the captain and I hope I will find time to do it during the week.